“Award winning illusionist and internationally recognized as one of the best performers in the segment in Latin America. “

— FLASOMA (Federação Latino Americana de Sociedades Mágicas)

The only artist in history to become two-time winner at the famous Latin America’s Magic Championship (FISM Latin America). The only brazilian ilusionist awarded in first place during this edition of the biggest continental championship of magic. Montevideo, Uruguay (2015)

Only brazilian illusionist in the “manipulation” category to get permission to perform in the World Championships of Magic (FISM), Caio Ferreira was scored between World’s top 10 manipulation artists. Rimini, Italy (2015)

1st place awarded in Latin American Magicians Championship, organized by FLASOMA (Latin American Federation of Magic Societies). Lima, Peru (2009).

1st place awarded at MAGIC IN RIO (International Magic Festival). Top prize winner at the Brazilian stage magic. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2008).

Sleight of hand expert (magic effects only involving the hands expertise of the artist). Considered, by critics, as one of the largest specialized national illusionist talent. A perfect blend of music, art and sleight of hand magic.

Graduated in Advertising (COC), Post-Graduated in Image reading and analysis discourse by UFSCar. Author of the work “David Copperfield: discursive relations between the illusionist and power” (Ferreira , 2013 )*. First academic work about magic published in a Brazilian book.

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