The show presents classics of magic in a poetic approach, combined with classical and instrumental songs. Prestidigitation effects interpretations combined with Mozart , Chopin , Waldteufel , Strauss and Rossini great themes . The show features is a mix of humor and emotion, the art of magic and good music.


Performing proposal

The staging builds on the manipulation, a category of magical arts in which the artist uses only his sleight of hands to create the effects. The techniques of many acts were inspired in the famous Dutch school manipulation, one of the best conjuring references in the world, with great names such as Fred Kaps, Richard Ross, Ger Cooper and Tommy Wonder. These artists did a revolution in the theatrical language of illusionism, with accurate technique and brilliance of their showmanship.

The process of creation and composition of each act goes from the soundtrack to the effects. The tracks not only play the role of illustrating the scene, but they are the inspiration, the starting point for creating the performing plot. Thus, the repertoire includes visual effects with billiard balls, giant poker cards, steel rings, as well as objects on loan from the audience.


Production credits

Creationand Direction: Caio Ferreira
Cast: Caio Ferreira, Marcel Fatibello, Luisa Galvão
Lighting design: Ricardo Beatto
Sound and electronic design: Roger Rigo, Rafael Catoia
Costumes: Layla Malmegrim
Press Agent/ Media Relations: Andrea Vergamine de Castro
Soundtrack: Frederic Chopin, Émile Waldteufel, Amadeus Mozart, Gioachino Antonio Rossini.
Illusionism consulting: Carlos Hilsdorf
Special Effects: Roger Rigo e Marcelo Contento
Body and vocal Training: Dra. Ana Maria Martinez
Graphic Design: Carlos Eduardo Bombonatti e Josias Leal
Photography: Érico Andrade, Thiago Ueda e Marcel Fatibello
Classification: Livre
Duration: 60 minutos
Realization: DTRIP Entretenimento e CAIO FERREIRA Produções Culturais